About Kute

Recycling Depot and Environmental Protection

KUTE has a dual mandate. Educating the public on environmental matters and operating a recycling depot are the items reflected in our Mission Statement. Operation of our depot assists in making a more sustainable and environmentally aware society. KUTE is a non-profit society with registered charitable status. Support from the District of Kitimat, our community and local businesses and suppliers helps us keep our doors open.

A Short History

KUTE was formed in 1990. The idea (and the name) came from a group of Challenge Students at Mount Elizabeth Secondary School (MESS). They had been tackling environmental problems in their class and decided that there were many issues that they, as students, couldn’t handle, but an adult group could. They placed an ad in the local paper advertising a meeting for people interested in being involved in an environmental group.

Founding Members

Sharoyne Gaiptman; Ruth Mills; Wendy Clement; Ernst Walti; Allison Painchaud; Eileen Hutson; Ian and Eileen Closs; Pat Kuppers; Helen Veysey; Joan Smith; Judy Payne

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